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Like on Facebook

I am sure you have noticed, and probably also used, the Facebook like button during your sessions online. It is a fast way to let people know what you like on the web; what you approve of and where you stand in relation to different issues. All websites can acquire a like button, which is a fool-proof way to increase marketing possibilities without really making an effort.

How to place a like button on a site

For web developers, placing a like button on a website is eazy peazy, but someone who is not that familiar with web construction might see it as a challenge. Good thing then, that we are here to give you guidance.

  1.  Start by copying the URL on which you would like to place your like button in Facebook's code configurator.
  2. Click Get code
  3. Copy the HTML code and paste it into the HTML of your website.

That's all there is to it! In step one you are able to adjust some settings, like width of the like button. 

Using the like button

The more likes a website gets, the better will it do in search engine rankings, so it is a mighty tool. When it comes to your own use of the like button it is important to be aware of its power and only use it to lift things that you really feel have value online. 

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